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About Us.

Verity was founded on the belief that all firms should be given every opportunity to grow and prosper.

It is for this reason that Verity has developed a financial modelling, benchmarking and budgeting tool which is free to use. All you need to do is create an account, upload your information and growth assumptions and then enjoy the full suite of products.

By making use of financial modelling software Verity is able to generate financial forecasts based on input from economists, industry specific trends as well as managements expectations. All of this information is then presented in an easy to read dashboard at the tips of your fingers. Giving each business the ability to plan for upcoming cash flows timeously.


Our Focus

We understand that growing your business means being actively involved in the day to the day operations, not creating spreadsheets to monitor performance. That’s where we come in, information at your fingertips…

Financial Projections

By making use of the historical performance of your company and a few assumptions of your own we provide you with a projection on what your company can achieve. That plus a few other scenarios based on expert insight on your industry


Running a business can be quite isolating especially when you can’t see what’s happening in the sector around you. And lets face it, occasional news articles do little to shed more light on an industry you already know. That is until now, real time market information at your finger tips.


You have taken the time to dream about where you want your business to be. You are monitoring the market around you but how do you achieve your goals? Enter our budgeting tool, designed to help you reach your goals.

Exciting News! Our online platform is in development and will be ready soon.

That being said, if you would like early access to our beta platform and would be interested in testing please get in touch.


Pricing Table

We don’t need this… Our online service is free…
If you would like a quote on a custom financial model please get in touch for a quote.

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